About Me


My name is Amanda. I was born on February 24, 1978 in Decatur, Georgia where I lived until I went off to college. From Fall of 1996 through Winter of 1998, I attended Knox College, a small, private liberal arts college in Galesburg, Illinois and double majored in Music and Japanese. During the Summer of 1997, while in Georgia, I met a young man named Kurt online. We were both roleplaying on a Vampire: The Masquerade talker. We became friends and soon logged in more to talk to one another rather than to Roleplay. In July 1998, Kurt came to visit me while I was home for the Summer in Georgia. We became an official couple on July 7th.

In the Spring 1999 semester, I transferred to the University of North Texas to focus on my music. I had to leave due to lack of financial aid thanks to a tiny raise my mother received and moved to College Station so that I could at least be near my boyfriend. We wound up getting married on June 22, 2002. In August of 2003, Kurt was hired by the UNT digital projects lab as a programmer. I went back to school in the Spring of 2004. That Summer, I went on a mission trip to Mexico with a group from our church. Kurt did not go. While I was there, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. Every single person on that mission trip knew before Kurt did. When I returned, I told him by wrapping up a pair of knitted baby booties and a rattle and presented them as a gift (after I gave him coffee).

On January 15, 2005, I gave birth by C-Section to a beautiful baby girl whom we call Kat. In December of 2005, we found out I was expecting our second child. On July 9, 2006, I gave birth by C-Section to an adorable baby boy whom we call Matthew.

I am a Christian, homeschooling mom who loves animals, taking pictures, quilting, practicing Aikido, singing, watching movies, reading, writing, and being with my family. I am an Ikkyu in Aikido and will hopefully attain my first degree black belt later this year (2009). My tastes are pretty eclectic when it comes to movies and music, though I tend to gravitate toward Classical music these days. My current goals are to make more profit from my quilting and figure out ways to pay down our debt. Being debt free would be absolutely wonderful. I teach the Sunday School music for the younger children at church as well as a Sunday School Class. Some day, I hope to be able to live in Maryland, though I would miss my church family and all my friends here so very much.

And that is probably way more information than you really wanted. :)