Feb 22 2012

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-22

  • @Januarybaby5 The grating disc will give you shreds instead of tiny bits. #
  • @Januarybaby5 What did you use to grate the cauliflower? I used the grating attachment on our food processor. #
  • @caprioxbovidae Like the bones of your enemies? #
  • @mack_ramer Hahaha, I had to charge a phone that way once, when my wife stole my wall charger when she left on a trip. #
  • Work potluck here with King Cake, donuts, dirty rice, noodles…and my diet doesn't permit grains. #gapsdiet #
  • Molecular Biology: It's something else. http://t.co/7sxwnJEG #

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